Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Testing brings all sorts of emotions for people. Anxiety, stres, depression, so many emotions. Testing for me definitely makes me anxious, even when I’m fully prepared, I’m worried. For sure, getting myself to relax and unwind is what gets me ready to take testing head on.
First I like to organize my study materials and make sure I have everything I need. Especially my crystals. After I have all of my study essentials together it's time to meditate. I light some candles and make sure that my area is clean and cleared. I grab my howlite and place it in my receiving hand and begin my 30 minute meditation. To calm me and to clear any anxiety I may have.
This prepares me for my testing, and now I am ready to take it all on. I make sure to have my crystals in my pocket, or wear them around my neck on testing days. This is what I do to prepare myself for testing, every time. Try it, it works.

KALANI from California
College Freshman
west coast university