Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Before I start studying for a test, I print out two sections of an old test, take one before I start studying and take the other one when I am done. Taking the test before I start studying helps me know what areas I need to work on and the things I do not need to spend much time on. While taking the test after I am done studying helps me see how well I have improved and make some adjustments if necessary.

The next step for me is sectioning the material into two segments; the difficult section and more crucial section. This helps me do the easy part first and focus my attention on the part I find more difficult. After sectioning the materials, I then watch videos, look through textbooks for references, take notes, and use visual aids when necessary. This all works for me because I like to visualize what I am reading/writing/solving and I also like to relate it to real life situations.

Erica from Michigan
High School Senior
Mount Pleasant HIgh School