Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I think I am great when it comes to prepare a test. Like studying like a day or two before an exam. Using flashcards is a great example of studying and it will be helpful if you have a partner to help you out. Studying apps like Quizlet does help me out with an upcoming quiz and get a passing grade. When I prepare for a test, I like to work in a quiet environment, so I can better focus when I study for a test. It will be better if it were to be raining outside, it’s a perfect time to study because your mind is calm and mentally focused. At some points I like to study at nights and listening to Lofi music. Kahoot! Is a really great way for me to study. Like when the teacher puts a Kahoot! For the class to play, it’s a good opportunity to study and play the game for a test that is tomorrow. My studying habits need to improve, some points I will just look at my phone and get distracted. Preparing for a test is important for me and for everyone else. At school, I like to study with a friend of mine and we can study for the majority of the class period. Their are websites that will help you to study and get a perfect schedule on when to study and I really liked it and I just want it to do it more often. For me having a normal study habit will be really helpful and useful for me in a exam. Not just at school, it can be any test like a permit test at the DMV. At my school their is tutoring after school, my parents pay a tutor for me and my little brother, she would help me with the homework and study for an upcoming exam. It’s the importance of studying for me and to gain knowledge and knowing the information especially the important ones, to pass an exam. Wether it’s highlighting, taking notes, taking pictures, use a study guide, or anything that is possible for me to study. I take matters into my own hands to get a good grade on a test. And since I am going to college this coming fall, I need to be prepared on what’s coming at me in the near future and up until the end.

Jorge from California
High School Senior
Paraclete High School