Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Great study tools result in great test results! When I want to perform exceptionally well on an exam, which tends to be each and every exam I take, I like to do a few very specific things to ensure I receive those high marks! One very simple way in which I have found great results may ensue is the task of spaced-out notecard preparation. As I read each chapter in the weeks before a test, I make note cards of each important detail, term, and datum and review them during this time as to not overwhelm my self in the final hours before the exam. This allows me to review and study smaller sets of information in much finer detail, rather than doing this all at one time days or hours before a test and overloading my brain with conflicting sources of information. This tool allows me to remember and recall more than I could in any other method I have tried thus far. I find that setting goals for myself and using motivation to complete them works exceptionally well also. In the weeks before my exams, I lay the notecards by my personal sources of motivation: the television, my paint supplies, the coffee machine, etc. I lay a small set of cards on top of my television remote and ensure that I must correctly complete each notecard before allowing myself to watch a movie or show. If I would like to take part in one of my favorite hobbies: painting, I must answer a few more cards before putting the acrylic to the canvas. Coffee is a significant motivator for me, especially during high-stress times like those of test-preparation days, so in order to make my second cup of coffee, add my favorite creamer, and prepare a snack to accompany it, I must once again turn to my notecards. If for some reason I cannot perform these tasks on my own, I will enlist the help of a friend or family member. I have found that bestowing my notecards upon a family member or friend and asking that they only allow me to do certain tasks, like making my coffee or painting, once I have tested my knowledge.

Emma from Florida
College Junior
Stetson University