Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Like many others, I have had hard times taking tests and getting the best grades possible. Due to this, I had to find a successful way to study for test and develop my own personal method for being successful. Of course, this means a whole lot of trial and error. One of the defining moments to me when I realized I needed to find a better, easier way to study was my Junior year of high school. I had failed a Spanish test that I was almost certain I knew all the information for it. After this, I buckled down and learned some great test preperation practices. One of the best things to me is either using Quizlet or your own flashcards to study terms if neccessary. I find that writing these terms yourself via notecards helps more based on the fact that you are personally writing the information. When you write stuff, I feel you retain the information better. Another thing I like to do is do a big study guide for myself. Sort of like an outline, I seperate each section of my notes into different chapters or aspects of the test. Again, I find writing information myself the best way to remember things while also being able to look back at different parts. In this kind of method, it is also important to highligh, star, or mark someway the information you understand and the information that doesn't make sense. This shows you what you need to study and what you know. Another thing that has worked for me and many others is using practice tests or even games. On apps like Quizlet you have access to both of these tools, which I feel is highly beneficial. It is super beneficial to learn information like this because then you are challenging yourself more, while also keeping your mind constantly thinking during the test or games. Studying for tests can seem very intimidating, but in reality if you just find a calm place and figure out the best way to study that works for you, you can ease that pre-test stress in no time! I hope this helps some and that people can take some tips!

August from Illinois
College Sophomore
Illinois State University