Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Personally, my test preparation consists of four stages.

First, I start by reading through all of my notes for the class and make small annotations with a fun colored pens and highlight important sections.

The second stage is where I write it out. I find that in order to remember things, I have to write them down and play with ideas both mentally and visually. I usually get a clean white piece of paper and section it per chapter. On the piece of paper, I write down the most important pieces of information we learned. Usually, that paper becomes very full. A helpful trick for this stage is to utilize different colors of pens for different types of information. I usually have all of my dates, important figures, and key terms in different colors. I try and go over this piece of paper a week, 3 days, and a day before the exam.

My third stage of exam preparation includes talking! As both a visual and auditory learner, I enjoy seeing material and also listening and talking about it. If I do not have a friend in the class with me, I recruit some of my good friends to look over the material with me. I usually give them a copy of my one page study guide and either ask them to quiz me with some trivia, or I try to teach them the subject. For example, in my history lecture last year, I learned the in and outs of World War II and the Cold War. I then held a fun lecture for all of my friends and taught them the information. At the end, I topped off my presentation with a kahoot. This helped me feel confident in the subject and associate my learning with friends and enjoyment.

Finally, I reserve the last stage for mental health and self kindness. Before I take an exam, I always make sure to feel energized. I eat breakfast, and I also ensure that I pack my water bottle. Additionally, I go in front of the mirror and superwoman pose for an extra dose of confidence. Lastly, I put on a good outfit (dress for success), arrive early, and pick a good seat. Then, I ace it!

Sheli from California
College Sophomore
De Anza College transferring to UC Berkeley