Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

In most cases, people find that studying last minute and especially late at night until early morning is best. Personally, I find this method awful and not useful. I have found over the years a great method that takes a lot of practice and self discipline. There is so much information, especially when one is in an advanced course, to take in and to prepare for an exam. To make the most of time, it's best to spread all the information in even sections until the test happens. For instance, I would have to study and work on all assignments carefully and mindfully to ensure all the material that I had to learn was fully comprehended. From that, i would allow time to do whatever I please. Later, depending on how much of impotance is, I would take practice problems or even a practice exam. A perfect example that I found is when I had to study for the SAT. The first time I didn't study for it, but later I found some practice problems which then later helped me improve my score! With this effective, but rather difficult method, I was able to help organize myself even more to ensure I had fully prepared myself for a test.

Adrian from California
High School Senior
Carlmont High School