Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Whenever a test date comes close, I begin preparing so I can preform the best I possibly can. The two main components of my test preparation process consist of figuring out what kind of test is coming up, and then planning accordingly. For instance, if the test only involves memorization, then I use a website called quizlet to create a set with all the terms and continuously test myself until I have successfully memorized all the terms. This website is much more efficient than using index cards since paper is not wasted and it's generally easier and more convenient. As for other more complicated tests, I first determine exactly what the test will be about and what it will include. Then I go through the material that will be included on the test and review it. Sometimes the teacher will hand out a review assignment which covers everything that will be on the test so I always make sure to complete that. After reviewing all the material from the areas being tested, I break down all the material into sections and ensure I fully understand each section being tested. This usually involves reviewing the concepts again. Looking back at older assignments is also extremely helpful in preparing for tests. Often I redo the problems or questions I got incorrect the first time, and since I am not able to retain the correct answer in my head, it works as a legitimate study tactic. This process works particularly well for all kinds of tests, but mostly for mathematics and science tests. English and literature focused tests are most prepared by reviewing the material and understanding the meaning and significance of it. Vocabulary is also important for these kinds of tests, as it is important to understand what each word in the test means. Overall, my main test preparation practices involve gaining a full understanding of the material being tested and continuously practicing the concepts through going through old assignments and redoing incorrect problems.

Alexander from Pennsylvania
High School Senior
Susquenita HS