Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When in preparation for an upcoming exam or quiz I use to rely most heavily on my ability to cram information in all at once. Now I know this is not the ideal way to study which is why as I got into my junior and senior years of high school I started to adopt better habits. Now I always have my trusty planner by my side so I can easily keep track of assignment due dates and test schedules. This allows me to manage my time efficiently to where I am as productive as possible. I try to treat my time during the school year as if I'm budgeting my income- every dollar (or time outside of school) has a place to be. With this system, I feel I am most productive because although I tend to veer off from the schedule I set for myself it generally provides a firm foundation to keep me on track. Whereas if I had no schedule at all I would be less likely to get anything done. When I study I like to keep it simple by writing out the information I need to know in an organized manner. Basically rewriting or adding to my notes. My brain is more engaged when I am writing and I tend to focus better when my notes are organized. I'm not usually a flashcard person, but I'll make them just for the purpose of writing down the information and so I have a quick reference if I don't have space or am in public studying. Of, course I am human so I do occasionally slack off and cram study, but I always pull through and get my work done and get the grades I need. I've never been the type to take school lightly and I care very much about my grades, which is why it is so important to me to have a solid studying schedule.

Gabrielle from Oklahoma
High School Senior
Southmoore High School