Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation practices are really important to me especially with being a nursing student. My number one rule for myself is to not procrastinate. Personally, when I procrastinate I will lose a lot of sleep and it has been shown through many studies that sleep is required for academic success. It works best for me to study long before the test day and organize my time because nursing tests can be demanding. Once I set a date to begin studying I will create a time schedule and to plan out my study sessions because I have found in the past that finding what I need to study takes up a lot of time that I could have been studying. Staying healthy is another test preparation I use to enhance my performance. It is important that I have a consistent sleep schedule and eating a healthy meal prior to my tests in order to be focused. Another test preparation that I think is great to use is studying in groups. Working in groups allows me to improve my notes, focus on understanding more complex topics, and gain any additional knowledge. As a nursing student, working in groups occur often in the clinical settings and I have found it comforting to be working in a group because they become your support system.

Destiny from Arizona
College Junior
University of Arizona