Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I believe I do because when it comes to preparation organization also comes to mind. You need to strategically plan out days ahead of time for an upcoming test so creating a layout of what days I work, have other schoolwork, or just have priorities is my first goal. This works for me because life is so unexpected so creating a layout ahead of time gives me the opportunity to either study some more if my schedule clears out, or if my schedule gets pushed back I have that extra day I had planned to leave open for the worst-case scenario. Now using study guides if provided is essential although I don't like to depend on it too much so I like to sometimes go over the concepts I don't understand the most and practice on that. After reviewing the hard concepts then I like to go over and skim through the chapters and give myself questions to answer from each. Finally, after a clear view of what I was studying, I like to go online and find out practice tests/quizzes in order to reinstate that I understand the concepts and have a great background on it.

Danny from Illinois
College Sophomore
Oakton Community College