Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation is crucial to success in taking important exams. There are multiple ways I prepare myself for any test. One particular style I do is to quiz myself In order to make sure I have memorized everything and know the material thoroughly. After reviewing all the material, I like to ask myself quiz questions or practice with flashcards and quizlet. Sometimes, I even have a parent or friend test me to ensure that I definitely have my material down. Another way I prepare for exams is to repeat the information to myself and summarize what I learned. This will help me figure out what I do know and what i don't know so that I can go back and review material that were vague to me. Writing stuff down also allows for higher chance of memorization. Studies and research have shown that those who write their information down on a piece of paper are more likely to retain that information in the future. In some classes, visualization helps me more. For some courses, I find that drawing a picture, diagram, or chart allows me to grasp my material in helpful chunks. In addition to this, I create mnemonics and acronyms many times so that information is easier to memorize. For example, the acronym PEMDAS in math class allows us to easily remember the order of operations for any math problem. These strategies help me prepare myself for any and every test that comes my way. Once I practice these styles, I am ensured that I'm prepared for anything.

Jaime from Pennsylvania
High School Senior
Central High School