Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My study habits include good notetaking in class. This means that I am sure to write neatly, good spacing, examples, highlighting topics, and include side notes further discussing a topic I believe may confuse me later on. After the process of taking good in-class notes, I like to rewrite my notes in a quiet place, making sure I understand what I am rewriting. If questions arise or there is a topic I am not quite sure of, I make sure to take note of it so I can remember to ask my professor about the issue. After getting clarity of the topic from an instructor, I think it is very effective to do many practice problems if possible with the subject you are studying. If practice problems are not a possibility, reading the chapters in the book is a great study technique. Doing example problems without using notes is a great way to be sure you are solving the problems correctly and are prepared for quizzes and exams. One of my personal favorite study techniques is using flashcards. I like to use either color coded flashcards or write in different colored pens. I believe these colors stick out to me when studying and make it easier for me to recall back on when taking an exam. I love to quiz myself first then have others quiz me to be sure I have the topic down. If there are topics I am struggling to remember, I put those flashcards to the side to be sure to remember those are the cards I need to spend more time studying. Another study technique of mine includes going back through old quizzes and exams to review problems I may have missed that could potentially be on an exam again. Redoing exams on your own time is a great way to practice until you get the correct answer. It is important for math classes to be sure you know how to use your calculator before going into an exam, especially for trigonometry, statistics, and calculus. Finally, after doing all of my studying alone, I like to study with others to be sure that I have the right information down.

Camryn from Pennsylvania
College Freshman
Clarion University of Pennsylvania