Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Some of my great ways to handle my test-taking preparation practices for multiple-choice questions is to first, read the questions in the test. Then, use a highlighter, read over the entire reading passage, and highlight necessary key details. Also, going back to the question and referring back to the passage to find its context clues. Furthermore, cross out the answer choices that do not seem to be right. Finally, choose the best answer that corresponds to the text and answer accordingly. These test-taking preparation practices would definitely work for me because taking a test can be difficult at times. So, taking the time to find the correct answer from the reading questions and most importantly understanding the reading is crucial to the overall success of passing my test. By encountering these test-taking preparation practices, my overall results will eventually be a success. Also, by being focused throughout taking the test, it is key to build the necessary confidence and trust within myself. Without having my confidence, I would struggle to overcome passing my test. So, I rely on my personal instincts that I can pass by using the necessary aforementioned strategies to do well on the test. After finishing my test, it is always crucial for me to take a look back at my answers and make sure that I have completed the test to the best of my knowledge. I do not want to leave out any unanswered questions to result in a poor score. By encountering these test-taking preparation practices, I can assure myself that I will eventually do well on the test. I will continue to accept these test-taking practices in the future. Practice is the key to achieve any kind of test. By practicing more and more sample tests, for example, I will definitely see a drastic increase in my overall performance level at my test preparation practices. Test preparation practices can benefit me with these resources that are here in the world for my overall college success in the future ahead.

Tahsin from Nevada
College Junior
College of Southern Nevada