Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When I study for a test, I like to start by taking a short nap before I begin. I make sure that I have enough time on my schedule to take the whole day to study in intervals. After I wake up from taking a nap, I take a few moments to gather myself and wake up by making a good cup of coffee. While my coffee is brewing, I make my bed and stack my pillows so it forms a couch. Then, I go get some good snacks that make me happy like cookies or fruit and put them on my bed. Then when my coffee is done, I bring it too by my bed and put on some good music that I can vibe with. Then I grab my backpack, put it on my bed, get comfortable and start studying!
It is a good idea to be able to limit the amount of distractions in your environment while studying to encourage good memorization. To be able to do this, I like to put my phone on my desk below my bed (it is lofted) because I know that once I get comfortable, I am not going to want to get back down to get it and then take the time to get comfortable again. As mentioned above, I like to listen to music when studying because I can get distracted very easily. Listening to music at a comfortable volume level, prevents the amount of distractions heard from outside of my dorm as life on campus can get very noisy.
Once you get into the zone of studying, as long as you stay focused, you can continue using these methods.

Chyenne from Ohio
College Freshman
University of Mount Union