Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

To be able to get good grades in class it is important to be a good test taker and being a good test taker starts with great test preparation. First and foremost you must be engaged in the class that you are taking. That means showing up for class, paying attention to the teacher and students in the class, doing all homework assignments, and asking necessary questions that help you better understand the material. Second, you must be organized to help you with your test preparation. To be organized means having a binder specifically for that class. In high school, I learned how to keep an organized binder using AVID strategies. In our journal, we kept a learning log that we would write down our thoughts, reactions, and responses to class lectures. The log would also contain learning objectives and reflective questions. This would help to better focus on what we learned that day and if there anything that we were not sure about and would need more help on. An organized binder would also contain your spiral with lecture notes for the class and all work organized into folders with labeled tabs. When taking notes you should begin with an essential question that would be about the topic being lectured and then process your notes by highlighting/underlining important information that could be grouped or sorted together into a central topic. Then read over your notes, refer to the essential question and how you have grouped your information and write a summary of your notes that emphasizes the important concepts. Lastly have all homework assignments organized into folders that can easily be accessible for review, The third step for great test preparation is studying. I would recommend creating review index cards to help quiz yourself and also find other students to create study groups with. Lastly, self-care is important to helping you be at full thinking capacity. If you get plenty of sleep, eat and hydrate nutritiously you will be ready for your test.

Allison from Texas
College Sophomore
Tarleton State University