Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Over the years of my academic career, I have tried many techniques for test preparation. I have found that I subconsciously modify my test prep strategies as I learn more information; they are constantly changing with me. During high school, I always had to make flash cards to prepare for a test. Writing out the terms and concepts allowed me to recall information so much better than if I were to just look over my notes. Though my strategy has changed, the overall theme of my test prep has not. Now, in college, I have found that writing down key information or information that I have difficulty remembering all on one sheet of paper has worked best for me. This way when I study I am not searching through countless note cards if I need to recall information; it is all on the same sheet and easily accessible. Most recently, I have caught myself color coding my notes as well, assigning a different color to each section. By doing this, even if I do not remember a certain piece of information, during my test I can still think back to my paper and remember where it was located on my notes sheet. Though everyone learns and remembers differently, this is what has helped me the most to succeed during tests and has most recently lead to me being able to complete one of my best semesters to date.

Abigail from Pennsylvania
College Junior
University of Pittsburgh