Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I have always been a hands-on learner. The easiest way for me to learn something is to read something and repeat it out loud several times, and then explain it aloud in my own words. This method really helps me go beyond the trap that I feel unfortunately, many students fall into, solely memorizing facts. Memorizing facts can work for a test that you may be cramming for but long term, the information will not be retained. I have always found that making the information your own in some way makes it last longer. Internalizing facts deepens your understanding and is by far the best test prep skill I could impart. My other test prep advice would be to utilize your schedule. Oftentimes teachers of professors will give the unit schedule in advance, use this to your advantage. Write down when the test is and start studying a week and a half before the test. This gives you a week to get a good handle on the test content and a few extra days of wiggle room. These study sessions should be broken up and ideally done with a partner. A partner will help fill in any blanks in your knowledge and you can do the same. The ideal method here would be to teach each other the content. This will quickly allow you to realize which subsections you do not have a good grip on.

Maeve from Illinois
College Freshman
High Point University