Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation has not been difficult for me. Early in my education my mom, who is a college professor, helped me understand how to take the anxiety out of test taking by effectively preparing during the test preparation phase. My mom reviewed with me all the different techniques she has taught her students over the years and taught me how to deal with anxiety during a test.
I have four techniques that have helped me on test preparation. I used these techniques often but occasionally changing them depending on the subject. I have learned that I feel very comfortable using them and because of these techniques I have done well in tests.
1. Color Coding – I use this technique for subjects like Biology and Chemistry.
a. Likes:
i. Easy to collate information that needs to be accessed quickly
ii. Summarize formulas that relate to each other
b. Dislikes:
i. Not effective when large amount of information is related to the same subject
2. Annotation – I use this technique for subjects like English and History
a. Likes:
i. Keep track of different characters, situations, places, and significant events
b. Dislikes:
i. Difficult to organize when complex circumstances or events are in development
3. Study Guides – I use this technique for subjects like English, Language and Algebra
a. Likes:
i. Information can be store by topic, or type of subject matter
b. Dislikes:
i. Large amount of information can result in large study guides
4. Memorization – I like this technique for Geometry, Pre-calculus, and Algebra
a. Likes:
i. Easy to use specially when formulas are relevant to solving problems
b. Dislikes:
i. Retaining step-by-step process that is need for solving problems
In conclusion, I was fortunate to have a college professor that taught me several techniques to take tests which have made it easy for me to eliminate anxiety. These techniques will help me do well in college. If I have a problem in college, I can take advantage of my mom’s experience for assistance in

Tanner from California
High School Senior
Dana Hills High School