Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When I study for a test I start with a stack of flashcards and four sheets of college ruled notebook paper. I open my textbook, notes, and PowerPoints to the chapter I am studying for and write all the important notes and details on my notebook paper. Any graphics, terms, or formulas of importance are written on the index cards and put to the side for later. Once I have reviewed the whole chapter for theoretical and concept-based knowledge and I review the information and write at least one question per type practical use of the information, usually math problems. I take a day for each chapter and by the end I have a complete study guide for the unit and a helpful guide for my final.

This works well for me because I can break down all the information and sort it into types in my brain which makes it that much easier to recall the information when I need it. When I look at math problems on the test, I can look back in my brain and find the problems that coincide with the question I have been asked. It works similarly for concept questions, I study in order of content so when I find a question I can think about when I learned it and what comes before and after it to be certain I have all the information to answer the question. It is a complete study tool and the reviewing makes me able to imprint the information into my memory.

Emily from Georgia
College Sophomore
Kennesaw State University