Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

As a college graduate with a Bachelor's in Science in the field of Biology, it took me quite some time to learn how to study for tests in college. I remember in my first few semesters in Florida International University, I thought that just skimming through the PowerPoints and somewhat listening to lectures in and out of naps was sufficient enough to pass my tests, and I was blatantly wrong, Over time and through extensive trial and error, I developed new studying habits and found what worked best for me. I discovered that I am a blend of a spatial (visual) and a kinesthetic (physical) learner. I have found that flash cards and note-taking would be a crucial first step in my test preparation practice. By doing this, I allowed myself to first digest the information, either by reading it or listening to it, and then interpret the information on paper in my own words and in my own understanding of it. Once I complete these initial steps, then I move on to trying to teach the information to somebody else. This step is very helpful to me because as I explain the information to someone else, I etch it into my long-term memory and I also realize which subjects I need more work on. After all, they say that "the best way to learn is to teach", but I'm not entirely sure who said this quote first. Lastly, after teaching the information I go back to my notes or flashcards and review the information that I wasn't able to understand or can use some work on. Once I achieve all these steps, I feel confident enough to take the test and find myself ace-ing it (unless the information on the test has nothing to do with what I prepared for, then this is when we move on to the crying phase where we mourn all our efforts and time wasted and grieve our scores.) All in all, there are so many different ways to prepare for tests, but I have found these key practices to be beneficial to me in my educational journey.

Brenda from Florida
College Sophomore
West Coast University