Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

For me, test preparation is all about making the best use of the resources you have available to you. While physical resources including flashcards and practice tests help the process of preparation, the best and most overlooked resource available is your peers, especially those who you are taking the test with.
I haven't always used study groups as they are not very common in high school and most people keep their test preparation to themselves. Unfortunately, there is much information to be shared and much help to be given that is not, resulting in the test taker and their peers all getting lower scores simply because no person was able to directly give them the help or information they needed in order to succeed, and they weren't able to offer their help or information to others that would benefit from it.
An example of a study group I use is a group of friends I have in my AP Biology class. Biology is not the easiest subject to comprehend fully, and most people on their own only understand parts of the content. When the study group meets, we are able to give each other the parts of information that we understand but someone else may not, and we may receive information that we didn't previously understand but somebody else did. Therefore, in preparation for tests, we can combine our knowledge beforehand resulting in increased scores for the entire group, going beyond just increased scores for ourselves.
Study groups are a way to greatly increase the test scores of the entire group, offering a personal way to give and get crucial help. I will continue using this strategy throughout my education after high school because as long as I've used it, I've been significantly more prepared for tests.

Noah from New Hampshire
High School Senior
White Mountains Regional High School