Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Whenever I am told I have a test, I get stressed out because I am never ready. I have found writing each topic on the test out and giving a description of it helps me. I have to have it on paper and pencil because making the shapes helps me study better. I never cram before a test, I also always go to bed before midnight. I will study for multiple days in advance at least an hour a day because it is easier and less stressful. I am very good at budgeting my time, I can study for a test anywhere. Studying at work is the easiest for me because I have plenty of people around me to ask for help or if I am struggling there is a high chance they have taken the class. I never lay in bed while studying because it stops my brain from working as fast and it also is not good for your sleep and being able to rest fully, but if I am sitting in an uncomfortable seat I am motivated to get it done so I can go reward myself.. My favorite test taking preparation is flash cards. I will write out flash cards and then have my friends or family test me on them to see if I know the correct answer, if I plan to take a math test then I create flashcards with formulas or I try to do the hardest math problems that potentially could be on the test. For a science test I will just sit there and memorize my notes. I like to color code my notes so each color is a different topic of the section. Another good preparation is to ask my teacher to review on what the most important part of the notes to review is, there are usually questions worth more points than others and they usually will give a few more hints on what the best part of the notes are to study.All these work for me because growing up my mom was a teacher and she would always help me study and those were her way of studying and I thought it was a good way too.

Haley from Oklahoma
High School Senior
Cashion High School