Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

No two snowflakes are alike. The same principle applies to students and their preferred methods of learning. Within those methods of learning comes methods in which they retain that knowledge. Some are visual learners, so they require to see something for them to retain it. While others may be auditory learners, so they must hear something to keep that information. There are also hands-on learners, in which once they do something for themselves, the necessary information is stored in their minds. There are many learning methods, but those are just three to name a few.
I am a combination between a hands-on learner and an auditory learner. Once I accomplish something for myself through examples and problems that I solve, I understand the concept more. In addition to that, when I repeat a phrase or concept out loud or to myself, I understand it and memorize it. These are the methods I use in preparation for taking a test or other academic ventures. Some of the practices that come with these methods include flashcards and mini-quizzes containing the material I am attempting to memorize or learn. These techniques work best for me because they utilize the skills that come easier to me and utilize them better.
One of the more important factors in why this works for me is because of where I study and whom I study with. Studying with friends makes the experience much more enjoyable and less boring because I have an enjoyable atmosphere around me. Where I study is just as important too since you want to be in the best environment that works for you. I try to ensure that I am working in an optimal environment that will allow me to study at my best. The environment and people I study with contribute greatly to making a study session as enjoyable as possible but sometimes studying alone works just as well for me. Other times I prefer to be alone and listen to music to help me focus but no matter where I study or who it is with, the goal is to be as comfortable as possible.

Marvin from Michigan
High School Senior
Cass Technical High School