Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation should not be a crunch or slam section. My favorite way to get ready for the nerve racking tests can be broken down into 3 simple tasks, actively study, pop quiz, and review . Lets take a closer look into each of these simple tasks.
First, actively study does not mean run while studying. What I mean is continuously study the material as you learn more about a subject. Too often people write down and forget about the notes till it is almost time for the test. By actively studying it allows me to ask question, dive deeper, and overall expand my knowledge even more so when it comes time to the test I can let my brain relax and let the information begin to flow out. I accomplish this test preparation by looking at my notes after class and emailing or talking to my professor as questions arise or ask someone else in my class if they know any about my issue. In math it is easy to practice with examples throughout the course work and really puts your knowledge through the ringer.
The next one everyone's favorite pop quiz. This can be done with flash cards or practice test but I like to have someone else help me with random questions, allowing me to keep my integrity and not look at the answers too early. Doing pop quizzes shines light on the areas in which my knowledge is lacking and helps provide guidance on the last test preparation I do.
Last but not least, review the material. After doing the pop quiz or multiple pop quizzes I review the content in which I failed at and write down key notes and reminders I make have over looked during my previous studying. The important part is to also review the other material as well along at least a couple more times. I do this because while I make have gotten the pop quiz answers right, they do not cover everything.
In conclusion, active studying, pop quizzes, and reviewing the material have helped guide me along in my education. Without these simple tasks I would be going into tests blindly.

Ty from Wyoming
College Junior
Western Govenors University