Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

During my time in high school, I have practiced many different great test preparations. In general, I have found that separating your test material in chunks helps your brain not be overwhelmed with the material. I believe that working in an environment that is quiet, with no beds, and phone-free is very beneficial to the person. I believe that also eating nutritious foods with fiber helps a lot to stimulate the brain. One of the best studying techniques for me is making a schedule for the week that focuses on one chapter for each night so that I can really retain the information. Then, the night before the test I review all the chapters. Another studying technique I use for languages is talking to someone that is fluent in that language and through that process I can correct myself and my knowledge on the language. Another studying technique I have is practicing repetition through flashcards or Quizlets. I also study vocabulary by making up new sentences so that I can learn how to use the words different tenses. Lastly, studying with others helps a lot, as long as all distractions are put away, using them and pretending that you are teaching them the material helps the brain ingrate the material. Using different techniques really helps me because it does not allow me to be tired of studying using the same technique, I can use the different studying tools to keep my brain "on its feet" as some would say.

Jailene from California
High School Senior
Jserra Catholic High School