Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Some of the most valuable test preparation practices I have stumbled across in my many years of learning are too numerous to count, but i'll try and name a few. Starting with small rewards as I slowly finish projects that I have difficulty completing. By rewards I mean a gummy bear at the end of every page I read or another sweet and rewarding treat. While this has been helpful, my most tried and true strategy for finishing long essays has been to go to a coffee shop. Purchase a caffeinated beverage to help me focus and stay there until I finish the paper. This scholarship would be so helpful in relieving the stress of having to work during the school semester which would allow me to devote my time to my studies. Which I think brings me to my final most helpful strategy; planning ahead and ensuring that there is enough time to complete the school work that is assigned.

Ryan from Arizona
High School Senior
Desert Christian School