Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The hardest thing students are focusing on and the organization of their studying material. My mind often wanders off about something else, then I pick up my phone, and the studying never gets done. Students must find a way to remove distractions and et comfortable to complete their given task—also, it's hard to study with thousands of notes everywhere, which is where the organization will help. My biggest studying tip begins with the student in the classroom and changing their typical environment or space.
To begin also take your notes starting with the date at the top and the topic of the lesson. This helps with going back to search for the material the test or quiz will be on. I know it can be tempting to pick up your cellphone in a class, but interacting and focusing on a lecture will definitely allow the notes to make more sense when you go back to study the material. If your mind wonders like mind, utilizing at least two different colors when writing your notes will help keep notes organized and attractive to the eye. I use two colors because too many colors will be too much. For example, you can use a black or blue pen and a red pen for highlighted words or something important that the professors emphasized. Focusing on your class is always the beginning step to study.
Now that you are out of class with helpful, organized notes and complete comprehension of what your professors' lecture was about, you are ready to study. Procrastination is a student's worst trait; therefore, merely looking over notes at least once a day will help with memorization. I usually do this before I call it a night. Studies have shown reading before bed helps with retention! Test day is coming up, so you'll have to do more than reading the information once a day. Usually, professors will tell you what your test will be over, so this is when the date and topic headlines help enormously.
It's now a week before the big test. A critical study tip, especially for my peers, is to clear distractions. I tend to turn off my phone, not silence it but off. This helps with any temptations or from apps and friends sending notifications. Students often sit in their rooms and sit on their beds to complete school work. I also suggest leaving your typical environment. For example, at my university, we have plenty of lovely indoor and outdoor study spaces. Being somewhere where the only thing you have is your laptop and study material will make sure you complete the task at hand. Overall, although it is a lot of tips, these are my definite keys to success when preparing for any test or quiz.

Alonna from Georgia
College Sophomore
Kennesaw State University