Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When I was younger, I despised studying or preparing for the test and just said YOLO for the tests. I fell under the spectrum of students that felt test preparation didn't help at all or never had specific strategies to prepare for a test. I actually struggled with paying attention in class and taking tests seriously. When I arrived at high school, I realized things had to change expeditiously if I wanted the limelight of my education. Therefore, I decided to speak that into existence.
I took advantage of practicing by going to office hours at school, snacking on brain food, meditating, and studying appropriately in a timely manner. Office hours last 2 hrs after school. I utilize that time wisely by asking my calculus teachers questions about the topics on the test. My teacher told me to analyze the concepts and repeatedly rewrite and do math problems. It helped me, in the long run, memorize tit for tat the important equations and type of math problems so I can take notes on how to approach them, and also handle and reduce the pressure of forgetting something on the test. For my diet, I eliminate the junk foods out of my system and stick to more nutritious brain food like granola bars and walnuts, which are healthy and boosted my energy. For example, I eat blueberries in the morning before a test since I researched that it improves mood so less frustration. I also eat a bowl of cereal or some pancakes with bacon on the side. It is yummy but nutritious too. I meditate at home breathing in and out to release the stress of my shoulders and to clear my mind before the day of a test. It relieves negative thoughts of life and increases my vibration so I take the test with ease and concentrate. Lastly, I get a sufficient amount of sleep for a test. My priority is finishing my work first whether from school or an outside program. Then I create time to have at least 7-10 hrs of sleep to refresh my brain.
These methods worked as I went from no Honor Roll to A&B honor roll.

Azeez from Illinois
High School Senior
UIC College Prep