Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

First thing is first on my list of test preparation! It seems like a no-brainer that one should take notes in order to obtain information. It's a matter of how I take my notes that help me retain the information. When I take notes, I like to only write down concepts that I find important or that I did not already know. Another great method I use to take notes is to write the information in my own words. This method challenges me to interpret the information and translate it in a way that can be easily remembered.
The next and vital step on my list of test preparation is practice, whether it be taking practice quizzes or tests. Nothing works the brain more than putting it to work where critical thinking is required. Practice quizzes and tests show me what I already know and what I need to look over. I like to look back at the questions I answered incorrectly, think about why I selected the answer that I did, and write down what I learned about that problem. Writing things down can help improve one's memory. They also condition the brain for the actual test. Test takers like me tend to panic under time pressure or even just the testing environment. I think of practice quizzes/tests as a warm-up. Just as important as it is for athletes to warm up and train before their athletic performance, it is just as important for anyone preparing for a test to practice.
Another practice of mine to prepare for tests is to create a quizlet or a practice test of my own. Creating a quizlet allows me to test what I should already know. It also helps me to better remember what I have learned by seeing the content in a different form. Creating a practice test with questions that I personally come up with is like creating my own study guide. By coming up with new questions about the content that I have learned, I am challenging myself to think beyond the surface and do further research.
The strategies I've listed helped me successfully get through my first year of college!

Lyna from Georgia
College Freshman
University of Georgia