Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation for me begins well in advance of the actual test. Doing my best to comprehend as the material is presented during the course of study leading up to the test is crucial for test success.

I learn most easily with a kinesthetic approach so I have adopted the method of involving myself during lessons in any physical actions that will help me with information recall later, such as paying attention to the actual location where I studied a unique topic, turning pages in books, clicking on various links to pull up additional resources, taking notes, and making lists, charts or graphs.

My visual learning style comes in at a close second behind kinesthetic learning, so as I try to form tactile relationships with the subject material, I also pay close attention to visual cues that help me associate information in my mind. For example: position on a page, graphics in the text, highlighting textbooks or my notes, copying and pasting online text into my journal, noting details about the teacher and students in the classroom, etc.

As the course progresses I find that it helps me to note the general themes and transitions within the material. This helps me categorize the information which in turn helps me associate the information not only with my own hands-on and external cues, but also internally with itself. Connecting pieces of information with each other means that recalling one piece of information can lead easily to another.

These things all help to build up the reservoir of information on the subject matter so that as test time approaches, my final study turns into more of a recall of familiar information, rather than a situation where I try to stuff more new information in my mind. To review, I prefer to use the notes and materials I have prepared myself since that reinforces the kinesthetic and visual learning styles I employed earlier on, but I still always reference and compare with original resources to make sure I don't overlook anything.

Jonathan Neil from North Carolina
College Junior
Western Governors University