Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Tests are difficult for many students. Students go through anxiety or they do not know of an efficient study method. There are also many different types of test such as multiple choice or free response. Many are given a study guide to fill out or look over review material. This may work for some but what about the other tests which an individual cannot study for. For high school students, this can be the ACT or SAT. On top of standardized tests, high schoolers take Advanced Placement tests as well for a chance to receive college credit. Final exams for these students add more stress. These exams include a whole semester's worth or even a whole school years worth of learning. How can an individual be expected to memorize all the learning?
The answer is difficult however, completely achievable. An individual needs to focus on the goal. They cannot get distracted, however, many students have various things going on in their life. This is still feasible. One needs to put their mind to it. A trick I use to study is I go to the library. The library has little to no distractions or noise. This aids me because resources that are needed are easily attainable, from computer to books, anything I need is right there. There are also peer tutors available at libraries to help you in specific areas or books to view. Easy access to the internet is also reachable. I also space my studying out. I make a schedule and set aside a certain amount that I need to achieve. I go slowly and make sure I know the material before moving on. I set aside days to take a break which helps me not get stressed all the time. Once in a while, I also study with friends. This works for me because it is fun and I get more input on a topic with another person. This can help an individual know that they are not alone and they have someone for them who is trying to learn the same concepts. Friends can encourage an individual to keep going. Reading books or viewing videos is also a great way to study.

Urvi from Illinois
High School Senior
Lakes Community High School