Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Tests, quizzes, homework, and exams all seem to cause major stress in students’ life. My advice is to not run from this stress, but use it. My stress pushes me to do better. Of course, it is important to take time to destress, so one does not get too overwhelmed, however, the right amount of stress and pressure can push you to be the greatest version of yourself. I like to think of stress as an opponent that I must prove wrong in order to defeat.
The first way to tackle stress is to not let it consume you. Often, stress will make you think you “cannot” do it and you will "never" understand the information. When feelings and thoughts like this start to consume you, sit down, take a breath, and form a schedule of preparation. Set up times to study before you have the test, instead of last-minute cramming. Take your busy schedule into account and make time for studying, instead of just giving up and saying, “I do not have the time.”
After you have a scheduled plan, it is time to study. When I study, I start by asking my teacher what is the best way to prepare for an exam in his/her class. Depending on what they say, I tackle my resources. I normally look at notes, past assignments, and my textbook. If I am confused about a particular part, I will look up a video or ask a friend. I love to make a written study guide of condensed information because writing can help the facts stick to your brain. After I write my study guide, I will carry that piece of paper everywhere I go. Anytime I have a second to spare, I look over my study guide or read it out loud.
When it comes to the night before an exam, I like to acknowledge all of my studying and relax. I realize I have prepared to the best of my ability and let the stress go. The stress pushed me to study and do my best, but it is important to be relaxed and rested before an exam. So, I like to make tea, diffuse essential oils, and go to bed early. This helps me to be awake the next day and ready to take the exam.

Gemma from Georgia
High School Senior
Pinecrest Academy