Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test practices I like to use are making flash cards for each Chapter on the subject that I am studying for.
I also like a set up study groups with other students from the class.
I like to take lots of notes and even color code some subjects so I know what section the topics are in.
Plus if allowed I use a small digital recorder to record each lecture so I can go back and listen to certain parts of the lecture that i missed. I feel these are good preparations for test taking practices.
Plus if I am having trouble with certain subjects in a chapter I may set up a time to meet up with my professor and discuss what I have questions about and clarify the topic more.
Don't procrastinate. Don't Cram at the last minute.
Plan study times you every day schedule.
Watch for clues and certain clues that the teacher gives us as students what to study and certain pages and terms to study for future exams.
Prepare an outline or a concept map on what needs to be studied for the test.
use visual aids to help with the test, even remember colors and shapes.
NUMBER #1 GET PLENTY OF REST/SLEEP the night before the test. A rested mind is a bright mind.

Randiea from Montana
College Freshman
MIssoula College / University of Montana