Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My best test preparation practice includes revisiting and rewriting my notes from the class lectures. A week or two before the test (depending on how big of a test it is), I will open up my typed notes from whichever topics are going to be on this test. Then, I take my colored pens - my prized possessions - and rewrite my notes in a spiral notebook. I separate them by topic, and I only copy down the most important information. Many times, in class I'm so focused on note-taking that I write down everything that my professor says. Later on, when I revisit the notes, I have a better idea of what is necessary and what is supplementary. I also try to highlight key points with arrows, borders, underlining, and boxes. Not only does seeing my notes in color and organized help me to compartmentalize the information better, but revisiting the notes gives me an easy way to study that doesn't feel mindless or lead to daydreaming easily. I usually rewrite the notes once and then look over the condensed versions every day leading up to the test, but if I come across a particularly difficult topic, I'll rewrite it again in a different way to further drive home the test material.

Cierra from Michigan
College Sophomore
Central Michigan University