Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My best test preparation practices revolve around failing. I have found that I remember material more efficiently when I take practice tests on material that I have just learned. Immediately testing new information, results in a high probability of getting questions wrong. When I answer incorrectly, I search through my notes to figure out where I went wrong. This method best prepares me for exams. First, it places a subconscious red flag on mistakes so it will be easier to remember the correct answer next time a similar question appears. Second, this method requires reviewing notes, skimming until an answer is found. Lastly, this practice has a clear focus. Creating flashcards has the same effect. Reviewing test material while using the trial and error strategy makes it easier to remember the correct answer to questions that would previously answered incorrectly.
A lot of times it is hard to sit down and perform the boring action of “studying” - rereading material over and over again. Through my preferred method, we students can choose the number of practice tests and questions we want to complete during a night of review. This method helps me feel best prepared for and perform well on tests.

Juliana from Indiana
High School Senior
Culver Academies