Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Of all of the different test preparation practices, after four years of high school and trying lots of different methods, I finally developed a fool proof system that has contributed to many high grades. Whether you are starting preparation a few days, or a week ahead of the test, I have found it effective to start with a list of everything you need to know for a given test. Going through this list, and highlighting the subjects that you need to spend the most time on help to create an effective study schedule, and ensure that you don't waste time. Going over past quizzes, labs, flashcards, worksheets, and other class materials is a good way to begin studying. As you go through these, keep a list of information you still don't understand, or want further clarification about. One of the most important study tips that I can give is to go in and talk with your teachers. The teachers know the material better than anyone, and will sometimes give you tips about what you do and don't need to know for the test. Ask plenty of questions, and make notes of what their responses are so that you don't forget later. Another helpful tip is to communicate with peers. It is likely that your friends are having difficulty master the same difficult material as you. My friends and I always take turns explaining the most difficult concepts to each other. It helps to have someone there to correct you, and it helps to listen to another's explanation. The last thing that I always do before a big test is to either complete, or make practice questions. These help prepare you for the kinds of questions you may be expected to answer on the real exam. Lastly, make sure to get a good night of sleep, and don't stress to much! If you have prepared yourself adequately, there is nothing to worry about. Regardless of your actual score on the test, remember that you are more than just a number, and by doing your best there is reason enough to be proud!

Gabi from Missouri
High School Senior
Parkway Central High School