Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Before a test, I reread the textbook and all the worksheets I received for that unit. I do this to refresh everything in my mind, and really understood the concepts in context, as opposed to seeing a few key words on a notes page. After this, I watch videos of other people explaining the subject. This is beneficial because the speaker often includes their own examples. Because i watch more than one video, I get to observe more examples and other techniques on memorization or working through problems. These two tactics help me because I am a visual learner. Once I feel that I have the basic knowledge set in my brain, I try to actively learn the concepts. I start by writing down bullet points of all the key vocabulary, principles, formulas, etc. From that point, I begin formulating a tree diagram. Based on my bullet points, I add other words that might help me memorize the main ideas I know are the most important. Wether I have to look these other words up or not doesn't matter; as long as I'm handwriting them, it feels automatically burned into memory. After both these passive and active study tactics, periodically I review, take a walk or do something else, then come review again. It helps me feel less stressed, and more prepared. I recently learned about the Pomodoro effect, which is why I incorporated it into my study habits. I used to cram my studying, thinking there was no way I could "overstudy". However, I learned that taking frequent breaks to clear your mind is helpful. Looking at notes and flashcards with fresh eyes can help myself see what I missed previously, or maybe help new facts stick in my mind.

Hailey from California
High School Senior
Foothill High School