Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My favorite technique to prepare for tests where I need to remember things like formulas, dates, events, people, etc... is using quizlet and playing the matching games. For some reason I need things to be competitions to become really good at something. I will usually challenge some one else in the class that way I’m not competing just by myself. I need to prove I am better than someone else and the exam is the final event in showing that I did better. For concepts like in math or computer science I need to practice the problems over and over so finding a resource online that will give me problems is the best help. Another really good way to prepare for a test for me is to just write everything I need to know down. The more I write things down the more that they stick in my mind. Then when I’m just sitting around I will think about the things I wrote down and if I don’t remember something I will write it down again when I can and just repeat this over and over until I know what I am either doing or talking about

Ethan from California
College Freshman
Hartnell College