Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I find that test preparation makes or breaks my exam results. I prepare better by having consistent study habits, and test preparation methods make this easier and more efficient. I am a visual learner so I use many visual aids to help me study.
Using flashcards has made vocabulary easier for me. You can make them on index cards, or online and I find this convenient. I am not always carrying my flashcards with me, but my phone is with me at all times. This allows me to utilize my study time while I am outside, by using online flashcards that I can access directly from my phone. I use mnemonic devices and linguistics to help me understand and remember vocabulary. I often connect words to familiar objects that I come across. An example of this is the word "Congregate" which I connect to the gaming platform "Kongregate," where people "congregate" and come together to play games. Linguistics is helpful when I am learning longer words. If a word starts with prefixes like “obs-,” I immediately associate it with “block.” Then, I connect this thought to words like "obstruct," which makes it easier for me to remember the word by using the prefix.
I try to go over all my notes every other day so I can refresh my memory on the content. I prepare for exams weeks in advance by reviewing my notes to prevent cram-studying during the last few days before the exam. A neat and detailed study sheet helps and keeps me motivated to study. It is easier for me to process information when it is laid out on a piece of paper, and I can retain the content piece by piece so it would not be too overwhelming. Using the methods above has drastically helped me prepare for my exams and makes me feel deserving of the results I receive because I know I put in the effort.

Vicky from Pennsylvania
High School Senior
Academy at Palumbo