Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When preparing for an exam I usually take a few different routes. I start off by following and filling out a study guide, that is if one is provided. I then move onto rewriting my notes to review the information and this helps with retaining the content as well. My favorite studying outlet is Quizlet. I truly love the simplicity of it and the different features it has. Such as the flashcard mode, scatter mode, and how it creates a quiz for you to practice. I do my best test preparation a week from the exam or quiz. I study in intervals of 30 minutes with a break of 5-8 minutes in between to help myself stay on task. I also study everyday leading up the the exam for approximately and hour and a half to two. I use the first 2 days to fill out a study guide and rewrite my notes, the remaining 5 days I allocate them to using Quizlet and the different features it offers and alternating material into sections. I also try rewarding myself with treats such as coffee or a food I've been craving when I finish my study time for the day, I feel as if the positive reinforcement helps boost my motivation to study.

Aimee from Arizona
College Junior
University of Arizona