Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My test preparation tool that helped me throughout my time in High School is very simple, but I feel like many aspiring students overlook this aspect of studying while preparing for tests. I think the greatest preparation I can do before a test is to study with my friends or classmates. I do not necessarily love studying. However, if I have people around me to keep me engaged and focused, it becomes much easier for me to do so. Of course, these "study sessions" have to be with the right people, but overall, I feel I retain information much more easily surrounded by people. I think much of this comes with remembering facts or concepts with the surroundings. Whether it is something a classmate said, or a mnemonic device we all learn together, I feel myself succeeding more often on those tests. On the other side, when I am stuck alone at my desk going through my textbook, notes, etc. I am not enjoying what I am learning, making myself less motivated to retain the information I have in front of me. When I am interacting with my classmates and friends, while we may get side tracked at times, this only reinforces the topic that inspired the tangent.

Jackson from Georgia
High School Senior
Saint John Bosco Academy