Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My favorite test practices that I use before any major tests, are to study ahead and to get good sleep the night before. If I have an important test coming up, I will research what will be on the test, and then I make a study sheet to start working over for the next several days. The night before a test, I also always try to get a good amount of sleep in. This is important to me, as getting enough sleep is crucial for your brain to be able to retain and remember information. I also personally just struggle to stay awake and concentrate on tasks if I have not gotten a good amount of sleep. Apart from sleep, I also will eat a little snack the morning of the test, to help give my brain some energy. I do not usually eat breakfast, so I try not to eat to much, as that can upset your stomach if your body is not used to eating at that time, but I do try to at least have a small stick of cheese or other such foods for the occasion. Before going into the test, I will also usually make sure I have at least ten minutes before the test begins to go over a quick review of everything that I have been studying over. From there, I simply take the test and trust my brain to do the rest for me.

Makenzie from Oklahoma
High School Senior
Marlow High School