Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test taking has never been my strong suit if I am being honest. I am not too much of a procrastinator, but preparing for an important test is often a struggle for me. I do feel that studying, without a device around to distract me, can be very helpful, but a lot of times I am using a device to study which makes it hard to not get distracted. I feel that this is a problem that doesn't just affect me, but many people in my generation. This is why the IPads that students at my school received for this semester were extremely helpful. Preparing for a test was a little bit easier because they didn't allow me to get distracted, and they only allowed me to access academic apps and material. To prepare for an important test, I try to do a lot of studying the night before. I like to workout and get all my other homework done before I study for the particular subject the test is in. I also find it much easier to prepare in a room that is organized and clean, so a lot of times I will clean my room before I get to my school work. This might be because I want to put off studying but I do believe it helps me stay focused once I start studying. I also like to get ready for bed before I study, so that as soon as I feel like I am as prepared as possible, I can go straight to bed. I also think it is important for me to do any thing I want or need to do on my phone first and plug it in for the night so that I wont be tempted to look at it while studying, or before I go to sleep. I like to think that the information I learned or studied seeps into my brain while I sleep. This is probably a placebo effect, but I actually do believe it. I have an upcoming AP test this month, and I am definitely stressed because I haven't done much to study for it. With everything up in the air right now, it is hard to apply myself on school work and studying but hopefully if I keep a similar routine for test preparation, I will be able to study in a productive way, even in these uncertain times.

Zoe from Arizona
High School Senior
Flagstaff High School