Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test taking is a skill, and definitely one that does not come easy to everyone. While I will say that I am blessed with hard work, a good attitude, and newfound determination to get my degree, I am not a natural test taker. Because of this, I have had to learn different ways to cope with testing anxiety and best prepare myself for the success I am so close to achieving. One of my favorite pre-test practices is taking a blank piece of paper and writing all my worries and concerns on it. Before a test when my mind is distracted with all the negative thoughts, this is the perfect way for me to put all those thoughts on paper, clear them from my mind, and allow myself to have a positive, focused head-space. I find that when I am not distracted, whether from my own thoughts or otherwise, before a test I can perform better and have less anxiety overall. I believe everyone, especially in academia, should share the ways they prefer to prepare, from study habits to pump-up songs, because we are all in the same boat: trying to get to the heart of eduction, learning and enlightenment, and stop focusing on the arbitrary numbers that define us. If we can all learn and test better, not only are we tackling real-life issues like how to handle stress, but we are also preparing ourselves for more success and better results. Test-taking is a skill, one that can be learned and perfected, and provides many more benefits than just an easier testing experience.

Berkeley from California
College Sophomore
Colorado State University - Global Campus