Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

As a dedicated student, I have several preparation practices I use to help me achieve the best score possible for tests. Firstly, during class lectures and lessons, I always take notes. Writing down what I am learning not only helps me retain the information better, but it's a tool I use to help study for upcoming tests. When taking notes, I make sure to divide them into each section, that way it's better organized and easy for my eyes to look over.
Whenever I have free time after a class lesson, I add color to my notes as I look over it. As a visual learner, highlighters and colored pens are my best friend because color-coded notes stimulate my brain and help the information stick to me like glue compared to looking at black and white notes.
Furthermore, as I study my notes and look over it, I read the content out loud. Since my notes are organized into sections, I then cover the notes itself and recite what I know out loud for each section to ensure that I understand the content; It's important to get a firm grasp on what you are learning because it's easier to answer the test questions using your understanding of the content versus solely relying on memorized facts.
Lastly it's important to make time for studying because repetition is key. It's never a wise idea to cram everything the night before, especially for me because anxiety will cause my brain to blank out on the day of the test. Therefore, I look over notes and study little by little each day, so when I am taking the test, I am confident and relaxed, and thus the information sticks to my head.
To sum it up, color-coding my notes, revising the content out loud, and studying little by little each day are what best help prepare me for an upcoming test. Test preparation is vital for acing a test because it ensures confidence in doing well.

Tamara from Florida
High School Senior
East Ridge High