Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

As a high school senior I have taken many tests and quizzes.During my class sessions, I always drift away into my own mind and think of other places I would rather be; which always makes me forget the entire lesson. I always mindlessly take notes and have no idea what I am writing. Due to my continuous actions of not paying attention, I have to study a few days before a test is presented unto me. First I turn off any distraction in my vicinity mainly my phone (as a teen my life is of course my phone).Then I read my notes once and understand what they mean, sometimes I'll take out the textbook from the class I have a test in to help me figure out what I am learning. Once I realize what I have to do;I'll reread my notes from top to bottom twice then I'll make flash cards. I do this routine once a day for an hour until of course the actual test day. This works for me because I can remember what I had to teach myself; as the test day is closer the information sticks to me better. Especially as a person who zones out and forgets everything easily. This weird method has gotten me far education wise for years, so it is very helpful.

Jaedis from California
High School Senior
Mayfair High School