Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

People have many different types of studying that they use. There have been many different ways of study that I was using throughout my school years. But the ones that I found more helpful are simply notes and examples. Every subject there is a different way of studying. For math, I would have notes that show step by step on how to do the equation. After each unit of before a quiz, I would do a couple of problems with those lessons. If I get any wrong then I would go over the lesson again and would do about 5 more problems until I understand that lesson. This helps me because when I constantly do something, I get used to it and be able to do it without any problems. For subjects like History, I would connect this to what is happening now. Connect with a song since songs can help you remember a lot about a topic. People always end up remembering things in a song since they are catching. Songs seem childish but when you connect to a song you like its easier to understand. Hamilton is an album that helps people with their U.S. History. Learning a song as you learn the topic will give you time to understand before a test or quiz. It best not to wait the night before to get to studying. Because you won't be able to understand anything you learned. You want to be able to learn instead just remembering things.

Ramona from California
High School Senior
Mountain House High School