Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Elizabeth Simmons
5 March 2020
Test Preparation Practices
When I was in High School I never did well on tests because I did not know how to study. I was never given a proper study guide in any of my classes which made it hard because I did not know what was going to be on the test. Now, as a freshman in college, I have been given thorough study guides in all my classes which has made all the difference. What usually works best for me is going through the study guide and finding all the answers in my notes and or textbooks. Then I write all the questions and answers on notecards and go through them until I have memorized every single one. Finding the information for myself gives me the context of the answer in case the teacher decides to switch up any of the questions on the test. Memorizing all the notecards does not take as long as one might think because it is all review. However, it helps to make sure that I really have them down by going through the notecards question by question. Every single quiz and test that I have done this for so far, I have passed with at least a 90%. It seems to work for me every single time. Another thing that has helped in my Bible classes is learning songs. As a part of one of my finals last semester I had to list all the books of the Old Testament from the Bible in order and spelled correctly. Fortunately, I had learned a song when I was younger that helped me remember the order of the books of the Bible. In order to remember how to spell all the books correctly, I wrote them all out in order by memory and then double-checked the spelling of every single one. Any of the books that I spelled incorrectly I wrote them out correctly several times until I could spell them correctly by memory. These studying techniques have helped me throughout my freshman year of college.

Elizabeth from Washington
College Freshman
Grace Christian University