Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Preparing for tests has been a trial and error process for me throughout the years. In high school, I best prepared for tests by studying in silence and mainly through memorization of facts, rather than actual comprehension of topics discussed. As I entered into my college years, I found out that this similar type of preparation would not work and a new method was needed. After trying different ways, I found, first and foremost, that understanding and comprehension of the material are key. To do this, I read the material, took notes on the material, and re-reading concepts over and over again until understood. After reading and studying my notes, I found it very helpful to test myself. This included either making study flashcards or finding some sort of practice exams online and taking them to test my knowledge. Testing myself, I found to be very useful because if there was something I did not understand, I would know what topics I would need to review more. In addition to these methods, I have also found study sessions with a friend to be helpful that way the other student and I could test each other and explain concepts to one another. One other method includes making charts, diagrams, and anything else that may help learn the test material and make these (and my notes) using different colors. I found color coordinating to be very useful to my learning so that all of my notes do not look the same and blend. I would lastly like to mention how important breaks are in test preparation. I used to drive myself to the ground studying hours on hours without taking a break to the point where I did not understand anything anymore. To fully focus, a break every once in a while is incredibly important to keep the focus needed to study. These are all methods that I have used for studying and have found to work well and to be very helpful. I know everyone has their styles, but this is what works best for me.

Michaela from Nevada
College Junior
University of Nevada Las Vegas